Nepalese Sherpa climbs Everest for record 24th time

Last Updated: May 21 2019 14:37
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NEPAL- Sherpa Kami Rita once again broke his own record of Mount Everest summits as he climbed at the top for a record 24th time on Tuesday.

It was his second record in seven days, having reached the summit for the 23rd time on 15 May.

After his 23rd summit, Sherpa Kami Rita had said, “I can climb for a few more years. I am healthy - I can keep going until I am 60 years old. With oxygen it's no big deal."

Sherpa Rita first climbed Everest in 1994. On the list of the highest number of Everest ascents, Kami Rita Sherpa is trailed by three climbers who all have 21 successful ascents each.