Kenyans angry at MPs World Cup trip

Last Updated: Jul 12 2018 18:40

NAIROBI- Kenyans have reacted furiously to the news that 20 MPs travelled to watch the FIFA 2018 World Cup at the taxpayers’ expense.

In the two week long trip, the MPs are watching four games, including the final. The trip has cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

Citizens of Kenya came to know about the trip when the MPs posted selfies in a stadium,

As per Kenya Sports Minister Rashid Echesa, he had authorized only six personnel to travel to Russia to understand how a big event is organized.

One angry twitter use wrote, “It is only in kenya where the taxpayers money is used to facilitate 20 MPS in world cup fiesta-Russia. Unfortunately they cannot even attend a local football function to embrace local talent but are busy flaunting their pictures in Russia. Somehow we have been misled.”