Critics give thumbs up to Spider-Man Far From Home

Last Updated: Jun 20 2019 18:56
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HOLLYWOOD- Spider-Man Far From Home, a direct follow up to Avengers Endgame, has been received well by the critics.

Far from Home sees Tom Holland return in the role of Peter Parker whose superheroic alter-ego Spider-Man is recruited for a special mission by Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson).

The first wave of reaction from the critics has given a positive rating to the film.

Sean O'Connell of Cinema Blend tweeted: "Ok friends. Spider-Man Far From Home is jaw dropping. First half is a lot of fun, coasting on the good vibes of the HOMECOMING cast. But that second half is EXTRAORDINARY, delivering the BEST Spidey action ever. Most SHOCKING ending in a Spider-Man movie ever. Fans will flip out!"

The film, directed by Jon Watts, is scheduled for a July 5 world wide release.