Kher says Modi wave will ensure her victory, Bansal slams her claim (NewsNumber Exclusive)

Last Updated: May 20 2019 17:03
Reading time: 1 min, 12 secs

As the nation went through the last phase of Lok Sabha elections on May 19, there was a lot of commotion in Chandigarh as well where there seems to be a tough fight between BJP’s sitting MP Kirron Kher and Congress candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal and also AAP candidate Harmohan Dhawan, who might play a catalyst in the poll results.

While the country is waiting for the final results that will be declared on May 23, it will be interesting to see if Modi wave that Kirron Kher brags about will help her sweep Chandigarh poll, or will Pawan Kumar Bansal become the next MP who claims that the voice of the people will win.

However, the statement of Kirron Kher who said that there is a Modi wave in country, shows that she as a MP hardly did anything for the people of Chandigarh and simply asked vote on the BJP brand name ‘Modi’. Kher said that Modi wave will assure her victory from the sole seat of Chandigarh. On the flipside Bansal has claimed that there was no Modi wave and elections in the City were fought on the local issues.

Now the final results will only tell if Modi wave was the factor that helped Kher win the poll or she was just an ‘Accidental MP’.