Lavasa stays out of EC meet over clean chit to PM Modi, Are autonomous institutions losing their credibility? (NewsNumber Exclusive)

Last Updated: May 18 2019 12:00
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If we talk about democracy in India, it solely relies on autonomous authoritative body, the Election Commission that is in charge of carrying out this enormous democratic exercise. However, in the run up to the elections, considerable pressure has been put on the EC. Most recent is the controversy surrounding NaMo TV which was carried by DTH platforms, airing speeches by the Prime Minister.

The credibility of EC has always been of utmost concern. More worryingly, campaign speeches that invoke religious sentiments, a clear violation of the code, have been made with increasing frequency. Amid this, if people lose faith in EC’s ability to keep politicians from flouting norms, the fairness of elections will come under doubt.

One such example pertains to the clean chit to PM Modi by EC. However, the dissent of one Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa has raised further controversy, questioning the credibility of EC. In the latest development, Ashok Lavasa has decided to stay away from the meetings related to the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) due to his dissent on the clean chit given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah.

Due to Lavasa’s protest, the Election Commission has not held any meetings to discuss the MCC violations since May. Lavasa had earlier sought to know why his dissenting note was not made part of the final orders issued by the commission.