Why all the Chowkidars are in rage over Time Magazine’s ‘Divider in Chief’ article on PM Modi? (NewsNumber Exclusive)

Last Updated: May 15 2019 16:36
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From ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ jibe to ‘Divider in chief’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been slammed by the opposition parties over his alleged Hindutva politics and for dividing India on the basis of caste and religion. A recent article in renowned TIME Magazine featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the cover of its May 20, 2019 edition with the title "Divider-in-chief".

The article’s title was- ‘Can the world’s largest democracy endure another five years of a Modi government’. This sparked a controversy among all BJP Chowkidars who further started questioning the author of the article, Aatish Taseer who is son of Indian Journalist Talveen Singh and late Pakistani politician and businessman Salmaan Taseer. BJP leaders are calling Aatish Taseer a Pakistani. Not only this, the BJP leaders are even saying that the TIME Magazine is funded by Pakistan.

It shall be noted that the same TIME Magazine in May 2015 had featured Narendra Modi with the headline “Why Modi matters". Also, at that time when TIME Magazine featured Modi saying ‘Modi means Business’, it was lauded by BJP. But now when the same magazine has featured Modi in a different way, it has turned out to be pro Pakistani or funded by Pakistan.

When in 2012, the TIME Magazine featured the former Prime Minister as an underachiever; BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad had demanded Singh’s resignation. Now the same BJP leader who claims to be a Chowkidar seems extremely perturbed as he said that the TIME magazine will not decide who would be the Prime Minister of India.